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We Create EnlighteningWHITEBOARD VIDEOSThat Convey Brand Message, Loud and Clear

Whiteboard animated videos work perfectly for educating the audience while keeping them engaged. Following a streamlined process, the video animation experts at Logo Symmetry create a unique video production strategy to produce a brand-boosting animation video. Our video animators use leading-edge tools and techniques to create whiteboard videos that attract the audience and retain their attention.

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Approximately 85% of marketers agree that videos play a greater role in capturing the attention of online audiences than words. What makes whiteboard videos a great choice is their simplistic nature. When it comes to marketing, less is more. Whiteboard videos are an excellent choice for marketing purposes. These videos use minimal visuals and are more captivating for being unique from the traditional online videos.

Studies suggest that viewers retain 60% more information from visuals as compared to wordy texts. Considering this fact, Logo Symmetry has come up with whiteboard animated video services that increase the information retention up to 95% than other mediums. The more recognizable and memorable your video content is, the more it encourages the viewer to find out further about the company. Moreover, such videos raise brand awareness, drive more traffic, and bring more sales to the funnel.

At Logo Symmetry, we compile bite-sized pieces of information and pair the information with catchy visuals and music that engages the audience. We create videos that convey great information, including unique value propositions, technologies, achievements, and rewarding offers.

When the viewers find the information very complex, they leave without watching the entire video. The audiences quickly lose attention; therefore, the video content must be kept simple yet meaningful. This leads to an increased user engagement and improves the chances of the viewers converting into customers.
Here's how a whiteboard animated video can help your brand:

  • Whiteboard videos boost sales and conversions by improving social shares and clickthrough rates.
  • Whiteboard animated videos are best when a brand wants to promote its products/services or when the subject is too complex to be covered through text and requires visualization for proper understanding.
  • Using whiteboard animated videos for video marketing allows the video to reach a broader audience, leading to increased brand recognition.
  • A whiteboard animated video also broadens the target audience circle by approaching audiences that do not speak the language used in the video. The visuals are fairly simple and comprehendible to be understood by the audience who are not familiar with the language used.

AffordableVIDEO ANIMATION PACKAGESOur Experts Produce Engaging Videos at Cheap Rates


for smaller businesses and start-ups


  • 60 Seconds Video Duration
  • Custom Designed Sketches
  • Custom Illustrated Characters
  • Unlimited Storyboard Revisions
  • Professional Voice-Over
  • Background Music
  • Exotic Animations
  • HD Video Production
  • 4-5 Weeks Delivery Time

Our Professionalism is Evident Through SYSTEMATIZED PROCESSOf Our Work!!


The video animation process begins with information collection, followed by concept creation and scriptwriting. The framework is then sent to the client for approval.


After the completion of the strong narrative, the right voice is needed to deliver it. We send different voice samples to the client to choose from.


The next step after recording the narrative in an audible form is to connect it with the visuals. This step brings forth the result of how the final video will appear.


The final step is when our animators shape your video by adding animations. Combining excellent visuals with synced voiceover, the final work is delivered to the client.

What Our ValuedCUSTOMERSSay About Us

Alexander Craig

I had a wonderful working experience with Logo Symmetry. The team is highly responsive and kept me updated about the progress of the video. The final version of the video was amazing. From the visuals to the way of conveying the message to the voiceover, everything was excellent.

Joshua Watson

Well done, guys! I showed the 3D animated video to my boss, and he loves the video. You guys did a great job. Even though the video was 30 seconds long, the message was quite obvious. Totally satisfied with the service.

Sylvia Porter

It was my first experience with them, and I am so delighted by their services. They produced a whiteboard animation video for my company, and it was very engaging. The way they explained in the video was exceptional. Keep up the good work!

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