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Excite the viewers with Eye-catching2D ANIMATION VIDEOS

Impress the masses with splendid 2D animation videos. Explain product easily and quickly, improve page ranking, gain a larger audience, and more with our artistic animation. Logo Symmetry prompts the target buyer with beautiful video animation that attracts viewers and earns a broader audience. It helps to turn your occasional visitors into genuine consumers.

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Research says 80% of people prefer to watch a video. The most pleasing thing about 2D videos is they help the promotion of brands. Logo symmetry provides expert 2D animation facilities to produce amazing videos for customers. We deliver the best 2D video animation services to online business owners and increase the market value of brands. 2D animation explainer videos are reliable for businesses to achieve maximum viewers and a lasting impression.

Millions of business operators utilize 2D animated videos as a branding tactic, and consistent branding increases revenue by 23%. Have you ever come across one of those complex animated videos which are hard to understand? The best benefit of 2D video animation art is that they are simply engaging. They accommodate viewers to get a clue of the clients' trade, the commodities they sell, and the services they offer. Logo Symmetry makes 2D animation explainer videos with a stunning design for the clients.

Animation is all set to become a central component of social media marketing. The perfect aspect of a 2D video animation online is that they make their way on multiple mediums turning spectators into consumers. Logo symmetry top 2D animation video service is ideal for achieving long-term business goals. Our 2D animation video infuses the elements of effective branding in explainer videos. We reckon 2D animation as an art of forming movement in a two-dimensional space. Thus, Logo Symmetry animators include characters, FX, creatures, and backgrounds to amplify video appeal.

A 2D video made for marketing can entice up to 300% more traffic and create more leads. Google estimates, it is 53 times more likely to notice a website if the front page includes a video relevant to the content. It shows the power of a video alone. Logo Symmetry team works efficiently on strategy and creativity of 2D animated videos for the assistance of a brand. It allows the trades to stand out to achieve the business goals.

In Logo Symmetry, we have professionals who develop 2D video animations like art. The illusion of movement is formed by sequencing different designs together over time. Logo Symmetry manufacture striking 2D animation content to captivate the attention of spectators. Our animators are experts in enhancing the appealing of a 2D animation explainer video. If you search for a stellar 2D animation video, Logo Symmetry is the ideal team to consult!

AffordableAffordable VIDEO ANIMATION PACKAGESOur Experts Produce Engaging Videos at Cheap Rates


for smaller businesses and start-ups


  • 60 Seconds Video Duration
  • Custom Designed Characters
  • Custom Designed Artwork
  • Unlimited Storyboard Revisions
  • Professional Voice-Over
  • Background Music
  • Exotic Animations
  • HD Video Production
  • 2-3 Weeks Delivery Time

Our Professionalism is Evident Through SYSTEMATIZED PROCESSOf Our Work!


The video animation process begins with information collection, followed by concept creation and scriptwriting. The framework is then sent to the client for approval.


After the completion of the strong narrative, the right voice is needed to deliver it. We send different voice samples to the client to choose from.


The next step after recording the narrative in an audible form is to connect it with the visuals. This step brings forth the result of how the final video will appear.


The final step is when our animators shape your video by adding animations. Combining excellent visuals with synced voiceover, the final work is delivered to the client.



What Our ValuedCUSTOMERSSay About Us

Alexander Craig

I had a wonderful working experience with Logo Symmetry. The team is highly responsive and kept me updated about the progress of the video. The final version of the video was amazing. From the visuals to the way of conveying the message to the voiceover, everything was excellent.

Joshua Watson

Well done, guys! I showed the 3D animated video to my boss, and he loves the video. You guys did a great job. Even though the video was 30 seconds long, the message was quite obvious. Totally satisfied with the service.

Sylvia Porter

It was my first experience with them, and I am so delighted by their services. They produced a whiteboard animation video for my company, and it was very engaging. The way they explained in the video was exceptional. Keep up the good work!

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